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Scaling a Clean-Tech Start-Up

Electric Vehicle infrastructure and demand are growing and this EV charging company is scaling to keep up.



This Clean-Tech start-up provides EV charging electrical infrastructure, installation and management for corporations, multi-unit residential buildings and single-dwelling homes.


Given the blistering hot EV market at the time, the company needed support in structuring their organization to a) effectively scale in a growing market and b) position themselves for fundraising.


Strategic Visioning, Operational Leadership, Goal Setting, Competitive Positioning, Organizational Design, Resourcing Planning, Marketing Function Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales Operations, Business Model Development


  • updated company vision and values

  • implementation of company-wide OKRs and KPIs

  • defined organizational chart and resource planning

  • development and launch of a new business model and revenue stream

  • brand positioning and key messaging

  • updated visual brand direction and company website

  • development of investor, sales and business development materials

  • improved sales and marketing efficiency

  • operationalization of marketing, sales, and customer experience departments


As a starting point, we defined the company's vision and future goals. Using a similar framework as below, we conducted several strategic workshops to define the true reason why the company exists and what was important for it to achieve.

From the overarching vision, we pinpointed the main areas of the company to set its largest and most important goals around. Through 3 time horizons, (immediate, near-term and future), we defined what outcomes the exec team felt they could commit to, and which ones would require the company to stretch in order to achieve.


Once the Vision and Strategic goals were defined, we implemented an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) structure for each of the strategic goals. This provided a high-level picture for all staff to see what was important to achieve collectively.

Working with each department head, the strategic OKRs were cascaded into each department. Ultimately this allowed each department and each staff member to have clarity on the larger vision they are contributing towards, and at the same time how their performance would be measured.


For the company to scale effectively, the right people needed to be hired to help build a high-performing organization. Before we looked at bringing in new talent, we introduced a responsibility matrix amongst the existing leadership to ensure areas that aren't well defined or overseen by a specialist were taken care of by the team.

We then designed and developed a functional org chart that was best suited to help the company achieve its goals. From the org chart, we developed a talent roadmap which considered titles, compensation, hiring date and budget. In addition to this, we updated existing staff with relevant and up-to-date job descriptions that were aligned with the new organizational design.


The company provided a slew of services from electrical design to installation. A big piece missing was a maintenance service, which was highlighted by client-facing staff. Through input from internal experts, we designed a new business model with pricing tiers that could be introduced to existing clients. Upon finalizing the business model, we helped implement this new revenue source with accounting and legal as well as adding it to the CRM. The service was branded with a name and sales collateral and was launched through sales, customer service, and a supporting email campaign.


In a collaboration with the company's sales, project management, marketing, accounting and client services teams, we identified major roadblocks in the sales process which delayed sales conversions. Through a robust process re-design we improved the sales cycle to close deals within days instead of months.


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