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CPG Rebrand and Strategy: A Healthier and Wealthier Brand

This fast-growing natural supplements company required a rebrand to accurately represent its unique formulations and health benefits while standing out in a crowded market.


Brand Positioning, Key Messaging, Logo, Visual Identity, Visual Style, Digital Strategy, Growth Marketing, Business Development Strategy


Health Is Wealth is a natural health supplements company with a focus on brain health. The product line includes its flagship supplements: BrainMEND, GutMEND, and SleepMEND, which are formulated from natural ingredients from both eastern and western regions and spans areas across brain, gut and sleep health. SleepMEND proudly doesn't contain melatonin and GutMEND leads with glutamine as opposed to relying on acid-sensitive probiotics.

The founder is driven to make an impact after his father and other dear relatives unfortunately succumbed to Alzheimer's.


The original brand identity was outdated and didn't serve the powerful purpose behind the brand. The products are high-quality, natural and unique and the branding compromised those attributes which risked doubt in a market that requires trust and transparency.

  • logo and visual identity system

  • brand story and positioning

  • packaging

  • strategic development

  • e-commerce strategy

  • digital marketing campaigns

  • event design

  • POS material

  • pitch material


We continue to advise Health Is Wealth on their business development strategy as they expand their distribution in retailers across Canada and the US. Tropoly supports in areas such as growth planning, pricing, pitch material and brand strategy.


The updated identity, messaging and marketing programs has helped Health Is Wealth and its unique product line better communicate its captivating story. The new branding successfully communicates the product line's premium ingredients and differentiating value across BrainMEND, GutMEND and SleepMEND. The visual style does well to attract consumers as it has a vivid presence on shelf space, and distributors are drawn to adding this premium product line to their portfolio. The brand is a standout at events while consistently attracting large groups (and rapidly running out of samples).


Logo Transformation: The new logo is balanced and applicable while representing the human-centricity of health.

Colour Strategy: The line of supplements support the full range of brain health across brain, gut and sleep. The colour strategy layers in the human experience from morning to evening. Additionally these colours open up a broader range of application for the company's marketing and communications activities.


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