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A Leading Identity for an Identity Leader

This identity management firm's amazing growth outpaced their own brand identity. It was time for it to catch up.


Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Visioning, Value-Proposition, Key Messaging, Logo, Visual Identity, Visual Style


IDMWORKS is an identity and access management firm that helps its clients accelerate digital transformation, improve customer experience and create operational resilience.


Their previous brand identity no longer represented who they are and how they're positioned. We needed to create an identity that no only outshines competitors, but plays well with industry partners.

  • updated company vision, mission and values

  • updated voice and key messaging

  • new logo and visual identity system

  • brand guidelines

  • employer branding - annual sales event


To gather insights from IDMWORKS' leadership, we adapted our Brand Primer workshop into an interactive survey to account for the company's remote nature. The inputs from this survey showed us where the team was aligned (and mis-aligned) in terms of how they perceive their brand, and where they want to take it.


Through workshopping sessions, we audited the company's existing purpose, vision and values and defined an updated and more relevant version of these. The new vision and values were then presented alongside a strategic mandate during the CEO's keynote at the company's annual sales summit.


We conducted a deep dive study of the client's competitive set, de-constructing their brand identities, messaging, content and marketing channels.


Organizing all of the info from market research, Brand Primer, Brand Intelligence and executive input, we synthesized these findings into a design direction for the visual identity.


Leveraging design attributes of Kinetic, Secure, Mesh and Depth, we crafted a logo that not only differentiates IDMWORKS, but speaks to the depth and breadth of their business.

As compared to the previous logo, it is far more balanced and applicable while representing both, the human and technical aspects of the business.

The visual direction and colours provide a much broader range of application for the company's marketing and communications activities.



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