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A Win for Legacy

An ode to victory, the future and legacy.


Brand Strategy, Core Values, Key Messaging, Brand Identity, Launch Plan


Won For All is a sports community that provides leadership development for elite and professional athletes to help them expand beyond their athletic career.


How do we engage and inspire the professional sports community with an identity and messaging that really speaks to our purpose-built brand? The previous brand name 'Horizon Leadership Group' or HLG came across as generic and didn't speak to the distinct value and mission behind the brand.


We delivered the following:

  • brand positioning

  • new name

  • new logo and visual style

  • core values

  • defined vision, purpose and mission


We consulted the client utilizing our positioning frameworks to conceptualize, define and scrutinize their:

  • Category

  • Differentiation

  • Value-Proposition

  • Target Markets

  • Purpose

  • Vision

The findings from this exercise provided the bedrock required to develop the rest of the branding elements on.


Through research and workshops, the following core values were crafted and instilled in the organization:

Team-First We put the needs of our community and each other ahead of everything else. Our connection is the core of what drives us forward.


As pro-athletes, business leaders and influencers, we work together to pave new pathways to success and formidable legacies


Being down-to-earth, direct and transparent is how we show up for our community and each other.


Through our unbridled dedication and support we will always strive to ensure success for our community.


We've experienced the high-stakes of pressure and success, and now we ensure everything we touch has the same passion behind it.


Working closely with the founders, we implemented a weekly cadence to present, discuss and scrutinize concepts. We went through nearly 70 naming options, 25 of which we further researched, 11 of which we conducted an in-depth trademark analysis.

Through 8 rounds of revisions we proudly anointed the brand with its rightful name:

Won For All


Won For All represents a realized mission. We found that its best described from the perspective of a Won For All client:

Throughout my life, I not only played to win for my fans, but for my family, my community, my teammates, and for myself. I strived to win not only in sports, but in my post-game career and in my personal life.
I won for all.

Additionally the name speaks to the connectivity of team, community and fandom; it's a nod to the adage "all for one, one for all".

Ultimately the name is an ode to victory, the future and legacy; what athletes strive to achieve in and out of their athletic careers.


Building on the name, attributes and positioning, the logo was designed as a bold, dynamic and optimistic wordmark to bring the presence of the brand into relevance with its audience.

Ensuring that it produces beautifully on digital and physical mediums, we kept in mind the potential for this logo can be adopted as a wearable symbol or flag representing the purposeful nature of the brand.


Working with Won For All leadership, we developed a communication and implementation plan to launch the new identity. From the large cohort of internal contributors (ie. staff, athletes, partners, advisors), to external touch points like the website and socials, to materials for pitching and fundraising, we sequenced the roll-out by priority and distributed the messaging utilizing reveal presentations, email sequences, LinkedIn posts and website updates.



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